We really need some pictures from you.  We delivered a lot of furniture this year and would like everyone to see some different pieces.  No names  or addresses are named at all.   Send us pics, PLEASE!!


We've got something new for you.  A birdbath!!!   Comes in 2 pieces, the base and the bath.  Approximately 25' high, 16' wide and 20 deep.  The bath itself is 2-3' deep and there is no rim so ice won磘 build up in it and crack the bowl.  Check it out and order yours today!!

Check out our new additions to the Yellow Dog Home family.  Jan makes terrific teddy bears, fully jointed and will be selling them at shows during the late fall, winter and spring. 


Not sure what somebody would like?  Give them a gift certificate!!   Available for any amount you wish.  Contact us for more information.


Our table feet have weld cups with nylon inserts in them.  This keeps your floor from scratching and, if outdoors, protects your floor or deck from an ugly rust ring. 


As always, we are looking to work with landscape architects, nurseries and interior designers.  As great as our shows are, we are looking to spend more time at home and less time on the road.  If you know someone or you are interested yourself, please contact us!

OUR DELIVERY POLICIES THIS YEAR                                                ***DRIVEWAY DELIVERY***

Please understand, if you or your property is damaged upon delivery or we get hurt placing your new item 磈ust in the backyard (which has sometimes meant down some stairs, across an area with tree roots exposed, and by the side of a pond after it has rained) we have to assume full liability.  Our insurance has skyrocketed because we did full installation and we do not feel comfortable at all passing this cost onto the customer. 

Therefore, we deliver wherever we can safely back the truck to and unload with the crane.  This is usually the driveway, out of the way.  If we have the trailer attached, then it is definitely driveway delivery.  With a couple of 2 x 4磗 and some help, even the heaviest bench can be moved to the desired location.

Picture #1 is our new birdbath!!

Picture #2 is our medallion.  It磗 on the furniture to let everyone know it is a Yellow Dog original.    Not that they get copied much cause they are a lot of work.  So check it out this year. 

Picture #3 is Bella.

Picture #4 is one of the teddy bears!

Picture #5 is PEEKABOO!

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